Thursday, June 4, 2009

perimeter summer workouts

If you’re serious about coaching basketball, you need to develop an off-season workout for your players.

It is vital to your team’s success that your players come into the season fit. Before the AAU or summer leagues start, you should meet with your players individually and evaluate their play during the past season.

At this time you should also give your player a written list of things they need to concentrate on during their off-season workouts
Here are some excellent guidelines for your guards to follow during their off-season workouts:

Ball Handling
Drills without dribbling - 5 minutes

Drills with dribbling - 5 minutes

Drills using two balls - 5 minutes

All types with both hands especially baseball, outlet, flick and bounce.

Foot Quickness
Jump Rope - 5 minutes at 3/4 speed for endurance.

Jump Rope - 15 seconds off right foot for quickness.

Jump Rope - 15 seconds off left foot for quickness.

Jump Rope - 15 seconds alternating feet.

Jump Rope - 15 seconds on both feet.

Do 3 repetitions of each with 30 seconds rest between the quick sets.

Run Steps - Up to build leg strength and down to build quickness - Six repetitions of 15-20 seconds each.

Run Hills - Jog down and sprint up - Six repetitions of 15-20 seconds each.

Intervals - Sprint straight-aways on a track and jog on curves. Alternate up to one mile. (Build to running 2-3 miles a day at 7 to 8 seconds.) To build additional

50 Shots off the Dribble:

Simulate shooting off the break
Move on the move into the shot (especially crossover, stutter step, inside-out, inside-out crossover, and Earl the Pearl move.
Stationary Move - Use Rocker Step to put defender on heels.
5 sets of 10 shots at a time with 10 free throws between sets, and record free throws in your notebook.
Repeat 3 times
30 Shots using shot and pass fakes

Pump fake to shot
Pump fake, dribble to shot.
Pass fake to shot
5 sets of 10 shots at a time with 10 free throws in between and record free throws.
Repeat 3 times
Note: Take all shots at game speed!

Coaching basketball requires that we spend the necessary time to prepare our kids for the up-coming season. With these guidelines, you now have a clear idea in regards to developing an off-season workout for your little guys.

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