Saturday, May 30, 2009

ball handling

now good ballhadling is essential to having a good all around game you must be able to go left or right to keep the defenders guessing it keeps them on thier toes here is a quick video on on a few drills on how to increase your ball handling skills.
finger grabs
hold the ball with the fingertips, squeezing it while rotating it back and fourth from hand to hand. the ball should not touch the palm ot the hands.

crab walk
walk bent over up the floor and put the ball between the legs back and fourth as you go. the ball is brought over the front of the thigh, the through the legs and the opposete thigh and around the thigh..Older ›
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145 drills in Ballhandling.Butterfly drill
Improves ballhandling, and hand-eye coordination.

Start with the ball in both hands in a position low to the ground. Drop the ball in front of you and dribble first with your strong hand (this should be a crossover dribble), then with the weak (this dribble should be between the legs.) When the ball has gone through your legs, repeat the above behind you. This is not too difficult. The objective is to get the ball going as fast as possible and to gain total control over the pill. It\‘s called the “Butterfly” because when you have mastered it, you will look like a butterfly.

Get comfortable with crossover dribbles both traditional and between the legs. Make sure to keep your head up and don’t stop until you master this

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