Saturday, May 30, 2009


conditioning is very important with any sport without good conditioning you wouldn't be able to get up and down the court in the proper ways. having good conditioning and good wind during a gamewhile your oppenents are bending down holding their knees gives you a advange to the game
there are many different types of of conditioning drills some basic and very simple but yet effective ones are
.pull-usps-5 sets of 10
.push-ups- 5 sets of 25
.squats- 5 sets of 25 or as many as you can do
.sit-ups-5 sets of 25
.sixinches- 5 sets of 30 second couts
.jumping- 5 sets of 25
.sucide- as many as you can do
.1-mile run
doing these simple workouts in diferent sets will steady increase your conditioning and improve your strength and overrall improval your game

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